Ant-A build tool


Ant is an open-source Java-based build tool. The configuration files are XML-based, calling out a target tree where various tasks get executed. Each task is run by an object that implements a particular Task interface.

The binary distribution of Ant includes the latest version of the Apache Xerces2 XML parser. Ant is distributed at no charge for commercial or non-commercial use. For more information read the LICENSE file.

The Ant  can be downloaded from:

Installing Ant 1.6.1

Operating system used

Windows XP SP 2

Software prerequisites
Java SDK J2SE 5

Easy Steps:

  • Download and unzip version) 
  •  Set the ANT_HOME environment variable to the directory where you installed Ant. e.g.: ANT_HOME=C:\Tools\apache-ant-1.6.1 
  • Optionally, set the JAVA_HOME environment variable. This should be set to the directory where your JDK is installed. e.g.: JAVA_HOME=C:\Tools\java\j2sdk1.4.0_03 Add the bin directory to your path. e.g.: PATH=%PATH%;%ANT_HOME%\bin The classpath for Ant must contain ant.jar e.g.: CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;%ANT_HOME%\lib\ant.jar
  • To check if Ant is installed correctly, type: ant -version You should see: Apache Ant version 1.6.1 compiled on November 12 2012